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5 reasons why you might not be allowed on a plane

5 reasons why you might not be allowed on a plane
  1. Lack of documents. Often people forget to take the most important thing with them to the airport - their passport. However, it is precisely for this, the most common, reason that you may not be allowed to fly under any circumstances. 

Even if you bought a ticket online and have it in your hands in electronic form, you will still need a passport to confirm your identity.

   2. Late registration. Do not laugh at those people who are used to arriving at the airport a few hours before departure. They will just get on the flight, unlike those who are in no hurry to arrive. If the check-in for the flight is over, then the passage to the plane will be closed to you.

   3. Passenger has outstanding debts. A persistent evader of taxes or fines may also be prevented from flying. 

Therefore, before the flight, it is worth checking whether there are any outstanding debts and paying if any. Now there are many services where you can check this kind of information.

   4. Prohibited items in hand luggage. You can get acquainted with the list of items prohibited for carrying into the cabin of the aircraft on the website of the carrier company. 

If you have any in your hand luggage, you will be kindly offered to leave them in the luggage room. 

However, this option is convenient only for those who will return through the same airport. In case of refusal to part with things prohibited for carrying on board, a person may not be allowed to fly.

  5. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is the reason why a person will definitely not be allowed on board. 

Airlines carefully monitor their image and do not allow such citizens to fly.