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7 things you should never do on a plane

7 things you should never do on a plane

Air travel allows you to quickly and comfortably cover long distances, enjoy beautiful landscapes. But, before you go on a trip, you should definitely study what you can not do on an airplane. Compliance with simple rules will make the flight as pleasant and safe as possible.

What not to do on the plane
This section will talk about the 7 main things that you should never do while flying on an airplane.

To confront
Many passengers experience stress before flying. The most important thing is to control your emotions so as not to harm others. You should remain patient, calm and not swear with the staff. Often, conflict situations provoke a flight delay, which will definitely not make you feel better. If a passenger gets into an argument or fight on board an aircraft during a flight, the pilot-in-command may decide to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport. Subsequently, the brawler is threatened with litigation.

Move the seat while eating
Each passenger has the right to move his seat and recline the back, but not at the moment when food is being delivered on board. It is important to remember that the passenger seat behind you is attached to the back of your seat. Therefore, in no case should you recline the chair during this period of time.

Listen to music without headphones
You should respect others, and do not turn on music without headphones. Everyone has a different musical preference, and hardly anyone will want to listen to your music. In addition, in such a situation, the stewardess will immediately make a remark. In order not to cause negative emotions in others, you should enjoy your favorite songs in headphones.

Loud conversations
Whatever the situation, refrain from loud conversations, and even more so do not shout over the seats. With these actions, you can provoke a scandal on board the aircraft, the consequences of which have already been mentioned.

Drinking alcoholic beverages
Alcohol abuse can also lead to conflict on the plane. It should be remembered that, being at a high altitude, the body begins to experience a lack of moisture. Drinking alcoholic beverages will only aggravate the situation, and you will get drunk much faster than on earth. In addition, it is unlikely that your neighbor will be pleased with the smell of fumes.

Fear of calling a flight attendant
Some passengers are embarrassed to disturb the stewardess once again. Naturally, you should not pull the staff over trifles. But if you feel unwell, feel dizzy or have a headache, call the flight attendant immediately. The staff will provide you with appropriate assistance. Remember, if your health deteriorates during the flight and you do not report it to the flight attendant, the situation can only get worse, which will require an emergency landing of the aircraft.

Sleep with music during takeoff or landing
Sleeping with headphones on during takeoff or descent can cause severe ear blockage. This unpleasant situation occurs due to a sharp jump in pressure. In some cases, nosebleeds may open.

To make flights easy and comfortable, you should follow simple rules, behave politely, and if you have any questions or difficulties, ask the flight attendants for help.

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