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Traveling comfortably — 11 useful tips for air travelers

Traveling comfortably — 11 useful tips for air travelers

For fans of air travel, any vacation begins with the airport. This is exactly the place where pleasant fuss reigns, and the expectation of something joyful, new is in the air. For every traveler, the airport is a magical and amazing place. There are many vivid memories associated with it.

Airports are very different and, accordingly, evoke completely different emotions among vacationers. For example, someone is bothered by waiting in a long queue, going through pre-flight inspection, and someone is pleased with excellent service, and the same airport can give rise to directly opposite emotions and impressions.

To make your stay at the airport as comfortable as possible, and the trip to be extremely enjoyable, we have selected the most useful tips and little tricks that experienced travelers use:

1. Favor automation. If you opt for automated kiosks for speedy security checks before your flight, you can save a lot of time, thereby saving your nerves.

2. Fly at night. Night flights are much cheaper than daytime flights and are much more convenient, as they are not very congested.

3. Don't forget about water. Take a regular plastic water bottle with you. So you will not overpay, because everyone knows that buying ordinary water at the airport will cost you a pretty penny.

4. Give preference to the left side. Try to choose the queue to the left at the airport, because it is less popular, since the majority of people are right-handed, and they instinctively choose the right side.

5. Think of tasty food. If you want to take alcohol on board with you, then this is quite possible! You can bring an alcoholic drink with you on the plane, if its volume is not more than 100 ml, and its container is tightly closed and placed in a 20x20 cm zip-top bag.

6. Fighting turbulence. Are you afraid of getting into turbulence? Give preference to daytime flights, when the likelihood of this unpleasant phenomenon is much less.

7. Catch discounts. Feel free to inquire about all sorts of discounts! What's wrong with saving a pretty decent amount of money? Absolutely nothing!

8. Take a break from the kids.
When you travel with kids, remember that most airports have family-friendly rooms. While the children play supervised in the children's room, you can take time out and relax a bit.

9. Extreme insulation. When flying, there is often a slight overload of luggage and, in order to avoid overpaying for unnecessary weight, you can pull out the heaviest clothes, such as a jacket, from the bag and put it on yourself. Yes, this is sometimes not very comfortable, but this way you will avoid additional costs.

10. Choose the right parking lot.
Before you leave your car for the duration of the flight, compare the prices in the parking lots - often the nearest paid parking is much more expensive than the same parking near the airport.

11. Photo reminder.
If you record the number of the parking lot where you left the car on the camera, then after returning from the trip you will not have to look for it for a long time.

Now you can be on your way! Have a nice flight!