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What food can you take on a plane

What food can you take on a plane

When packing a suitcase for a trip, you should pay attention not only to things, but also to food. In airplanes for short flights, passengers are not offered food at all. When flying from 3-4 hours, lunches and dinners are offered, which must be ordered in advance. Yes, the dishes are delicious, but very expensive. And a lot of them just can't afford it. Therefore, if you do not want to overpay, you can take food with you.

What can't be taken?

- Prohibited products. You need to find out in advance on the website of the airlines the restrictions on certain products. Each carrier has its own and may change from time to time. Most often, bans apply to alcohol, exotic fruits, caviar, etc. A lot depends on whether you are flying domestically or abroad.

- Products with a pungent odor. How will other passengers feel when you eat, for example, fish? You shouldn't take it on a plane.

- Liquids over 100 ml. And this applies to water, soda, juice, puree, etc.

What can you take?

Everything that is not forbidden is allowed. The main thing is that it all fits in your hand luggage. Although there is an exception here: if you put something small in your pocket, then this will not apply to hand luggage, which means you can carry a little more with you. 

So what can you take?

- Fast food. On the flight, you can take everyone's favorite food with you: burgers, nuggets, french fries, etc. The main thing is that all this was in the factory packaging.

- Meat. You can bake meat at home and take it with you in a lunchbox. There is no place to warm it up. You can buy a ready-made kebab and pack it in cling film in several layers. It is worth taking sausage or sausages with you, this is also not prohibited.

- Juice. You will also want to drink, so you can bring juice with you. The main thing is that it should be in a package of no more than 100 ml. You can take several of these bottles.

- Jam. You can also take them with you, but in jars no more than 100 ml, since they are classified as liquid.

- Dairy products. Many take dairy products with them. This is not prohibited, but it is worth considering whether they will deteriorate along the way? Especially if it's summer outside.

- Sweets. No one will refuse a chocolate bar. Chocolate can be taken with you in any quantity, and this is a plus for those with a sweet tooth. You can also take marshmallows, marmalade or marshmallow. Chocolate may melt, but everything else will not.

- A mixture of nuts. Nuts are very high in calories. You can eat a little of them, but the feeling of hunger will not come soon. Plus, it's a healthy snack. You can take several bags of nuts.

- Fruit. Apples, bananas, pears - they take up little space in the bag, perfectly saturate the body and definitely will not go bad. Just don't forget to wash them at home.

- Cookie. Both children and adults love cookies. You can take several types of cookies. Kids love crackers the most.

- Lollipops. They will not be able to satisfy hunger, but they will help to transfer takeoff and landing easier. It is better to take mint caramel, it will help to cope with nausea.

- Pies. What could be better than homemade pies? If you have time, bake pies the day before and take them with you on the road. Also buns and pizza.

- Children food. Here you can take it without restriction. Moreover, you can also eat it, no one will follow it. The main thing is that everything is in sealed packaging.

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