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What to take on a plane with a child

What to take on a plane with a child

Many adults are concerned about the question of what to take with them on a flight so that the baby does not have time to get bored, and it was interesting throughout the journey. In this article, readers will learn what to do before flying and what to take on board.

The most important things to do when flying with kids

From the documents for the child, you need to take his birth certificate. Its paper and cover are not very strong, so it is recommended to purchase a special hard cover. It will be good if the baby knows information about himself (age, address, etc.). Just in case, many adults put a note in their pocket with the most important things written on it.

There are always a lot of people at the airport, so there is a chance that the baby may get lost. A note or knowledge of information about yourself will help to find his parents much faster. Medicines for the child must be taken on board in hand luggage. It is desirable that they be in tablets or capsules so that there are no problems during the check.

How to get baby's attention

Before you go somewhere on a plane with a child, it is recommended to play role-playing games related to the flight with him and tell him about the airport and pilots at every opportunity.

You can read and look at thematic books with pictures. Also, the attention of children is often attracted by prefabricated models of airplanes.

Flying in comfort

Although food is always offered on board, it is still better to take food for the baby from home, which he will definitely eat. If you do not feed the child at all, then he will cry and misbehave.

Wet and regular wipes will help clean your hands before you start a meal and after a snack.

During long flights, the baby will definitely need to sleep, so you need to take care of how he will do it in advance (take a children's travel pillow, a hammock for children, etc.).

What to do to interest your kid during the flight

Books with pictures and interesting stories will help keep your little one entertained on the go. It will be good if the book is brand new and the child has not seen it yet.  You can also take everything you need for drawing and try to make pictures related to travel or an airplane.

You need to interest the baby not only during the flight itself, but also at the airport or in some cafe during a snack. This is great for board games.

How to switch the child's attention if he is tired

Parents always feel when their baby is getting bored or tired.

At times like this, you need to somehow divert his attention. This can be done with the help of some trifling, but bright and new little things.
The main thing here is the effect of surprise, and you can also come up with some interesting story for the subject, then the baby will forget about fatigue.

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