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A little about the Turkish mentality and gestures

A little about the Turkish mentality and gestures

Turkey is one of the most tolerant countries in the world. Surprisingly, in Turkey, the locals attach great importance to the rules of etiquette generally accepted in this country. It must be remembered that this is a Muslim country and its population is religious. In addition, the farther from the resort towns and megacities, the stricter the morals.

Basically, Turkish residents are filled with courtesy, kindness and politeness. Turks are characterized by openness. But they are as impulsive as we Russians are. Turks are self-critical, but cannot stand criticism from foreigners, especially when it comes to the first president of the Republic, Kemal Atatürk. The patriotism of the Turks is clearly expressed: the national flag is flying on almost every balcony, and the national anthem is even in discos.

Be careful when using gestures. Along with those gestures that mean “yes” or “no” among us, others are also used here. For example, if you simply say "thank you" to an offer of something, then this means refusal. So if you want to accept the offer, say "please". By the way, clicking your tongue is also a refusal. And if at the same time the head is thrown back, then this expresses dissatisfaction or disapproval.

Remember: you can’t show “super”, “good” here - a raised thumb is insulting. This gesture is used by girls of easy virtue and literally means an invitation to sex. Our "fig" or "fig" does not have a very good meaning - the same as showing the middle finger. But the “OK” gesture, the ring, thumb and forefinger, can be perceived as a hint of your unconventional orientation. If you think about it, in Turkey a lot is done “not in Russian”.

For example, sitting down to eat, they wish bon appetit twice - before and after meals. In their own way, they talk about age: they do not name the full number of years, but how many years have gone by. That is, according to our ideas, a year more. And women can even round their age in one direction or another for several years.

Therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings, learn more about the modern traditions and customs of the inhabitants of Turkey, although this should be done when going to any other country so as not to get into a mess.

True, today the customs and mores in the big cities of Turkey are almost the same as elsewhere in Europe, and only in the countryside of the country are the old family traditions and the influence of Islam still strong enough.

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