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Bangkok - the mosaic of the east

Bangkok - the mosaic of the east

The Angels' refuge, the treasure of Thailand or the happy city of Bangkok - an oriental tale open to Europeans. If the capital is chosen for recreation, it should be borne in mind that this is a densely populated area, falling into which you feel yourself in the center of a large anthill. But all this fuss differs from the hubbub of the usual megalopolises, in no way resembling the streets of New York or London.

Bangkok is, first of all, atmosphere, emotions and entertainment. A standard excursion begins with the historical monuments that fill the city, of course, they are all Buddhist.

Tourists are in a hurry to amaze the world's largest statue of the reclining Buddha (a statue made of gold, 15 meters high, however, is a mesmerizing sight). Temple of the Jade Buddha, another curiosity of Bangkok, very interesting architecture that characterizes Thailand as much as possible: beauty, gilding and Asian elegance in all decoration.

It should be noted that despite all the friendliness towards tourists, the traditions of the host country, it is necessary to observe: take off your shoes before entering and not turn your bare heels towards the Buddha statue (as well as monks in Temples), refrain from short and open things in historical centers. The royal residence is another must-see point of a tourist walk; the majestic building is guarded by large statues of demonic monsters, 6 meters high. The dwelling of former monarchs is filled with historical monuments and relics. Of particular value are the numerous figures whose age is difficult to establish.

But Bangkok is not only about historical sights, monks and philosophical movements, the modern capital of Thailand includes: huge markets (the city has its own Chinatown and a floating bazaar), museums (the Science Museum and the Planetarium of Thailand are known all over the world), and also the unique hotel "Sky", the view from which is amazing. 

Of course, it is impossible to visit the east and not visit one of the many exotic restaurants. Cooking in such places has been elevated to the rank of art. The dexterous movements of a chef preparing seafood in front of applauding visitors is akin to the performance of a skillful magician.

The nightlife of the city is also developed - clubs with incessant music, performances and dances until the morning, are provided for lovers of movement. Bangkok is like a children's mosaic, it is impossible to tear yourself away from the study. Each quarter of this city is saturated with its own smell, taste and impressions.

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