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Center of the city of Pontedera, Tuscany region. Autumn 2020 in Italy, what are the restrictions due to the pandemic

Center of the city of Pontedera, Tuscany region. Autumn 2020 in Italy, what are the restrictions due to the pandemic

Italy welcomed Autumn 2020 with alarming news. Again a lockdown, albeit not throughout the country, but in some regions.

Again, various restrictions, curfews, even more control due to the coronavirus pandemic. And all the same, Italy is still beautiful, in the golden autumn it is just as attractive and incredibly beautiful.

There are not many people on the streets. The cafe is no longer a noisy crowd of tourists, as before. Everyone is wearing masks, there is some kind of tension.
And even in such an unusual atmosphere, the inhabitants of Italy retain their inherent optimism and positiveness.

In Pontedera, one of the cities of Tuscany, there are no special attractions. It is a small town with a central part, typical of Italy. There are authentic and modern cafes, pastures (where, in addition to coffee, there are many different sweets and fresh pastries). In the center of Pontedera there are shops of famous clothing brands and designer boutiques.

You can buy cosmetics at Kiko. Also on the main street are Tezenis and Tally Weijl, popular shops among young people and not only. For branded cosmetics and perfumes, you can go to Duglas, there are many interesting gift sets in the pre-New Year period.

There are boutiques of local brands of high-quality Italian clothing and footwear, souvenir shops, gelateria (where delicious Italian ice cream is sold), and pizzerias. There is a cathedral with a bell tower nearby. Quite a majestic building, although not as pompous as in other Italian cities. The bell rings at certain hours.

The peculiarity of Pontedera is the presence of original sculptures. These are various vegetables and fruits, randomly placed in the central part of the city. So, you can see a statue in the form of a tomato near the cafe in the center.

A little further, there are mini-sculptures in the form of hot peppers and strawberries. It looks very interesting and colorful. You can also see unusual structures next to some of the cafes. The whimsical curved shapes catch the eye and, of course, the visitors. In general, Pontedera is a city that at first seems very modest, but still it has its own flavor and claim to originality.

By the way, already in November New Year's decor is on sale in stores. We did not forget about the appearance of the city. The streets are decorated with festive garlands. They stretch directly over the houses in the center. In the evening, the garlands will glow and remind you of the approaching New Year holidays.

All establishments can be entered exclusively with a mask. At the entrance, they may check the temperature and ask them to disinfect their hands. Antibacterial gels are everywhere. It is very strict with masks and disinfection in Italy. Quarantine rules are tightening. Previously, bars and restaurants in Tuscany were open until 6 pm, but recently their activity is even more limited.

How long this will last, no one knows. Of course, supermarkets and pharmacies and shops continue to work. People can travel to work and on urgent matters. Only one family member can enter the supermarket. Queues and keeping distance.

Such is the Pontedera in November. Perhaps something will change for the better, and bars and restaurants will be able to work at full capacity again. At least everyone is looking forward to it.

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