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Slovak cuisine. Short info

Slovak cuisine. Short info

It is necessary to highlight such features of Slovak cuisine dishes. They are all based on the "five whales": potatoes (zemiaky), dairy products, cabbage (kapusta), corn and meat (maso). Corn porridge is very popular among the local population, and the corn itself is boiled, baked or eaten with honey. As for dairy products, for the preparation of national dishes they use feta cheese, smoked sheep cheese, and parenitsa as ingredients. Fresh cucumbers with tomatoes prevail in salads (salat) in summer, and sauerkraut in winter.

Slovaks prefer thick soups (polievky), which are usually seasoned with fat, flour and sour cream. In restaurants, you may be offered to try such soups: bean soup (fazusa), potato soup, as well as mushroom soup (huby), pea soup with smoked meats (hrachova), cabbage - a soup made from sauerkraut with smoked meats and sour cream (kapustnisa).

Slovakia is notable for such a wonderful holiday as the "Goose Feast" (husacie hody), which is held in the fall during the ripening period of young wine. During this time, Slovak restaurants serve goose with potato cakes (lokse) as a specialty.

Donuts with garlic and cheese (longosi) and dumplings (halusky) are very popular among Slovaks - boiled balls of flour with cottage cheese.

Among the most famous and popular Slovak drinks is zincica, which is a whey made from sheep's milk. This drink is consumed either simply sour or with sugar.

As a dessert, you can try sulance, this confection is served with cottage cheese, fruit (jam), poured over with melted butter (butter), sprinkled with nuts and poppy seeds.

There are also pancakes with chocolate, jam or cream and sour cream (palacinky). Tourists are also advised to try thin dough roll with nuts and apple filling (strudla). The Slovak jelly-coated fruit cake is called "ovocne rezy".

Where can you taste Slovak cuisine? The tourist infrastructure of Slovakia has such facilities as: a variety of eateries, very cozy small wine cellars, beer halls, as well as fashionable restaurants. Here they will not only be able to offer Slovak beer and wine, but also a large assortment of national specialties of Slovak cuisine.

Such restaurants of Slovak cuisine as "Salas" and "Koliba" are very popular among tourists. These establishments are notable for the fact that the dishes are prepared in the direct presence of the visitor with musical accompaniment (Slovak national music).

Slovak sweets, desserts and snacks can be purchased at specialized establishments - cukraren.

For those who like good and hearty food, the doors are opened by the lahodky snack bars (fried poultry and cheese, sausages, sandwiches, salads, ice cream, cakes and donuts). Coffee lovers are invited to coffee houses - Viennese coffee, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate, black or fruit tea, milk tea, lemon tea.

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