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Trip to Japan

Trip to Japan

When choosing another country for travel, you should pay attention to Japan. It is not only beautiful in autumn and spring, but also absolutely clean. Almost every Japanese tries to keep clean and never throws garbage on the street, for this they have special tanks, which are then taken away by workers from a special service and recycled into other things, paper, etc. There are also many fabulous temples and picturesque parks in Japan . Therefore, Japan will be the best option to spend your vacation.

Before coming to Japan, think about accommodation. Usually rooms and apartments in the Land of the Rising Sun are not the same as in other countries. Cheap houses are made of wood and covered with rice paper, and the size of the room or apartment will be very small, but it is this kind of living space that is considered very cozy in this country.

It is very rare to meet a Japanese who has not thought about the interior of his house, so finding an inexpensive and pleasantly furnished room will not be difficult for you.

To spend time with the benefit of your health, it is recommended to visit their parks, such as Rikuchu Kaigan, Ise Shima and others. Also, do not bypass Mount Fuji, which many tourists from different countries come to see. Arriving in such an amazing country, you may not understand what is happening. 

Crowds of people in kimonos, beautifully dressed, will pass by you, and when you see a bunch of stalls with food and entertainment, you will be puzzled - these are festivals where fireworks are fired, people eat national food and play various games with prizes. Usually they are carried out 1-2 times a year or more. National food in Japan is not as nasty as some people think.

We used to think that the Japanese and Chinese people eat everything they can, but this is not so. The Japanese are very careful about their traditions, traditions in the family, and also love delicious traditional food such as ramen, sushi and rolls, sashimi, zoni, tempura, sukiyaki and many others. And they also love sweets, which they make excellently. It will not be difficult for you to find them in stores, there are a lot of sweets and they are popular. 

From this article, you learned about what Japan really is. A trip to this country will be unforgettable, and it will give inspiration to artists and writers. Beaches, parks, temples and festivals will appeal to any visitor, and clean air will inspire you to conquer Mount Fuji. Therefore, many people think that Japan is very beautiful and beautiful.