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Direct flights from Vienna International Airport

Vienna, Austria’s capital, boasts an exquisite artistic and intellectual legacy that has been shaped by residents like Mozart, Freud and Beethoven. There are fantastic museums, palaces, gardens and colourful houses that perfectly exhibit Baroque streetscapes. Once your vacation comes to an end in Vienna, you can readily explore other enchanted European cities using non-stop flights from Vienna International Airport.


First on our list is Frankfurt. Frankfurt may be well known for its financial sector, but that doesn’t mean it's dull. Quite the opposite, Frankfurt offers a variety of attractions ranging from the quaint Altstadt (old town) to the modern skyline. It also boasts one of the most significant museums in Europe, The Senckenberg Natural History Museum. Frankfurt Airport is a major aviation hub often regarded as the gateway to Europe as it is the busiest airport in Germany, and the fourth busiest in Europe.After you land, you may want to drive around this bustling hub. Getting a reliable car is hassle-free and convenient with this car rental link for the Frankfurt International Airport.


London needs no introduction; it's one of the world's greatest cities with its mix of historic attractions and contemporary flare. In London, you can admire the majestic Tower of London one day and sample famous British teas with delicate finger sandwiches at an upscale hotel the next.A direct flight from Vienna International Airport to London Heathrow opens up this world of opportunity.


Just a stone's throw away from Amsterdam lies the city of Haarlemmermeer. With its vibrant nightlife, rich culture and picturesque landscapes, Amsterdam's smaller neighbour offers a unique experience for tourists. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, located in Haarlemmermeer, is the gateway to Amsterdam, serving as a major hub for international travel in Europe.Non-stop flights from Vienna to AMS in Haarlemmermeer give you a quick access to some delightful Dutch attractions.


Zürich, a leading global city and among the world's largest financial centres, is a popular destination for tourists. Despite its modernity, Zürich hasn't lost touch with its history. It is ideally situated amidst a gorgeous natural landscape, with mountains providing an excellent backdrop to virtually all streets in the city.Zürich is also home to many influential churches and beautiful burgher's houses. You can visit Fraumünster, famous for its legerdemain stained glass windows. Transport to Zürich from Vienna International airport is direct to Zürich Flughafen.


Last but not least, the City of Love is a popular direct flight destination from the Vienna International Airport. Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is one of the busiest passenger airports in the world. Paris offers visitors architectural magnificence with iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. With just a direct flight from Vienna, you can explore this mesmerising city soaked in timeless familiarity.

Vienna International Airport offers an impressive list of direct flight destinations that brings some of Europe's best attractions within easy reach.

Whether you want to walk London’s bustling streets, enjoy Dutch culture, or fall in love with Paris's enchanting landscapes, Vienna International Airport gives you direct access to the best of Europe.