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Lufthansa refuses to address passengers 'ladies and gentlemen'

The conversion of Damen und Herren goes down in history. Lufthansa announced from 13 July 2021 that this phrase will no longer be used to greet passengers. At the same time, the press secretary of the German airline stressed that it is important to take into account all passengers in their appeal.

She gave examples of how stewardesses and stewards would meet passengers on board the aircraft. These are, for example, greetings used depending on the time of day: "Good morning / good afternoon / good evening." It is also possible to call "Dear guests" and "Welcome aboard". In each case, the decision to choose a greeting will be made by the crew commander.

The new regulation applies to all brands in the Lufthansa group. These are Eurowings und Brussels Airlines, Austrian and Swiss. At the same time, efforts to make the language gender neutral will be directed not only in relation to passengers, but also to airline employees.

The departure from the language of address "ladies and gentlemen" was perceived by some commentators with historical inevitability: "The gentlemen remained in Paris."

Lufthansa is the largest air carrier in many European countries, "originally" from Germany. You can get information about prices, rules of registration and carriage of baggage at the help center. You can contact him either by hotline or by sending a letter online.


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