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Choose the best treks in Nepal 2023

Have you ever visited a country so rich in authentic arts, music, and culture and is also full of natural wonders? Well, if not, consider visiting Nepal.

The country will make you fall in love with its swiftly flowing rivers, gigantic snow-capped mountain, and unique cultures from every corner. Keeping these aside, Nepal is widely known for the adventures that it offers. And among many, trekking falls under the top 10 adventurous activities in Nepal. It is a great way to taste the beauty in Nepal and take a preview of everything.

Now the question is, where should you trek in Nepal for the ultimate experience? To give you guys heads start, Nepal Hiking Team highlights the seven best treks in Nepal for adventure seekers in this blog.

1) Everest Base Camp Trek

We are sure you’ve heard about the tallest mountain in the world, the mighty Mt. Everest. But have you ever considered being in the same vicinity as this mighty white giant? If you have, you can make your dream come true with the Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal.

Apart from taking you to the foothill of the world’s highest mountain, the trek offers so much more. You’ll traverse through the Sagarmatha National Park and many traditional sherpa villages along the journey. With each step forward, you’ll witness the glorious aspect of Nepal and feel the warm welcome of the Sherpas in the cold region of Khumbu. Sagarmatha National Park is home to several rare birds and animals. Hence, if you are lucky, you can spot the rare snow leopard, langur monkeys, Himalayan wolves, and many more.

As a whole, the trek will give you the ultimate cultural experience and presents you with a scenically delightful trekking journey in Nepal.

2) Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Located on the west side of Nepal, the Annapurna region shows an entirely different side of the country. So, are you willing to explore a region that will quench your thirst for the mountains? If so, the Annapurna Base Camp Trek is worth your while.

You'll make acquaintance with many people from different ethnic communities of Tamangs and Gurungs along the way. And as you hear the stories of their Himalayan life, your heart will be full, and you'll get a glimpse into their lively culture and traditions. What's more, you'll relax in the natural hot spring of Jhinu Danda after a long hiking day. And let's not forget the scenic sights of the glorious mountains you'll witness during the trek. The sight of the mountains will only add more bliss to your journey.

3) Annapurna Circuit Trek

If you want to have the whole circular experience of the Annapurna region, then you should look into the Annapurna Circuit Trek!

As you walk along the trail, you’ll transverse through the rocky, jagged, and secluded paths away from the bustling modern city. The trek will make you experience every aspect of the Annapurna region. From hiking through the Kali Gandaki gorge and Manang valley to crossing the highest pass in the area, Thorong La pass, the journey gets even more and more thrilling. However, the journey doesn’t just end here. You’ll also enjoy the beautiful sunrise and the panoramic views of the mountains from Poonhill. And lastly, relaxing in the hot spring of the Tato Pani will take all your tiredness away and make you feel like a brand-new person.

4) Langtang Valley Trek

Do you want to discover what lies amidst the great Himalayas? If yes, you should indeed check out the Langtang Valley Trek.

Surrounded by the Himalayas, the Langtang valley trek is loved by many trekkers looking to explore the beauty of Nepal. It is one of the short trekking destinations that can be completed in ten days. Those who have embarked on this journey have described it as the prettiest trekking trail in Nepal. You’ll get to walk through the beautiful rhododendron forest and witness the lush green landscape of the region. The preserved natural beauty and the authentic Tamang culture are the fascinating parts of this journey. Leaving the crowd behind, you can enjoy the hike in peace.

5) Mardi Himal Trek

Do you like to avoid crowded areas and enjoy your hike in peace? Well, if the above question describes you, then you’ll certainly enjoy the Mardi Himal Trek!

The newly opened route in the Annapurna region offers a mesmerizing sight of iconic white giants rising above the clouds. Although new, it has become popular among trekkers from all around the world. The trail will make you walk through the forest covered with rhododendrons when in bloom by taking you past high cliffs and raging rivers. The trek will also allow you to experience rural life. As you hike further, you'll also learn about the unique way of life of the Rais and Chhetris.

6) Manaslu Circuit Trek

Do you want to walk on a popular route in Nepal but want to avoid crowds? The Manaslu Circuit Trek would be at the top of the list if we narrowed down our search depending on how popular and packed it is.

It is a unique trekking destination that has remained remote and unspoiled despite its increasing popularity. The trekking route winds through the Manaslu Conservation Areas and lets you see Mount Manaslu, the eighth-tallest mountain in the world. In addition, the trek allows you to meet the people who live in this remote mountain community and experience their way of life. The best part of this region is that people have preserved its cultural values and tradition since ancient times. As a result, you will get to see the region's unspoiled natural beauty and its cultural aspects.

7) Upper Mustang Trek

Have you ever heard about the hidden kingdom in Nepal? If you haven't, you should delve into the Upper Mustang Trek!

 The region will take you back in time with its ancient tradition, culture, and roots that have lost touch with today's modern world. As you discover the mysterious Mustang, you'll be drawn to the desert-like setting, breathtaking cliffs, and hills of the Upper Mustang.

This trek will guide you through one of the less-traveled regions in Nepal. Despite its intricate geographical structure, this restricted area has positively won over its visitors. The highlight of your walk will be a stop at Lo Manthang, a 3,840-meter-high, once-forbidden, and enigmatic ancient kingdom.


With this, we conclude our blog and hope you are ready to choose your trekking adventure. If any of these treks sparked your interest, you could check out the Nepal Hiking Team travel agency. It is one of the leading travel agencies in Nepal. With the help of their guidance, you can make your adventurous dream come true!