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What clothes and accessories you should not wear if you are flying by plane

What clothes and accessories you should not wear if you are flying by plane

You are going on a business trip or vacation, and to move from point A to point B, you have chosen an airplane as the fastest transport. During the flight, personal comfort and personal safety are equally important, so you need to prepare for it in advance. And it’s worth starting with the choice of clothes and accessories. What is better not to wear?

First, because the air pressure is completely different in an airplane flying very high above the ground, the blood circulation in the body is disturbed, and the legs, arms, and the whole body may swell. And tight jeans, tight T-shirts and T-shirts, as well as jackets are absolutely not the best clothing option. Put on something looser: pants, sweater, down jacket. Moreover, their fabric should be soft and pleasant to the body. It is unlikely that you will survive 6 hours of flight sitting still and wearing a scratchy sweater.

Secondly, for the protection of yourself and others, try to choose clothes for flying that are made of materials that exclude rapid ignition. Synthetic silk or nylon, even with a small fire in the cabin, will melt right on your body, and linen or cotton products will flare up.

Thirdly, forget about high and thin heels. Why? Because in a difficult and emergency situation, they are more likely to harm than help. Suddenly it turns out that you have mixed up the terminals and will have to run headlong to another one? Or will the plane make an emergency landing at a completely different airport, the passengers will run to the gangway in fright and simply demolish you? Well, if you get off with only damaged shoes. It is better to put on more comfortable sneakers or boots with a solid, even sole.

Fourth, put on several layers of clothing at once. What for? In order not to corny overcool, because in the cabin the air is cooled by air conditioners. Put on a T-shirt, a light blouse and over it all - a jacket or cardigan. If necessary, the top layer of clothing should be easily removed, so consider this point. It is better to warm your legs with woolen pants and socks.

Fifth, in order not to linger at the metal detector and not to detain others, do not wear metal jewelry. And carefully inspect your underwear and the contents of a travel bag that acts as hand luggage: the metal detector will squeak, reacting both to the metal bones of the bra and to the foil in which sandwiches or chocolate are wrapped.

Sixth, the air in the plane is dry, which can harm the eyes. And if contact lenses are inserted into the eyes, then you definitely will not avoid discomfort. Therefore, it is better to take glasses with you for flights, and put the lenses in your luggage in order to use them later, upon arrival.

And seventh, try not to use perfume or toilet water before you go to the airport. Deodorant with a neutral smell is appropriate, heavy oriental fragrances of perfumery - in no case. The aircraft cabin is a closed space in which you have to spend several hours alone with other passengers. It is unlikely that they will like the strong and persistent aroma emanating from you.