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The longest flights in the world

While the most convenient flights are always the shortest ones, there are plenty of destinations that can only be reached by taking a long-haul flight. From surfing in Honolulu to skiing in New Zealand, here are the longest flights in the world:

Dubai to Auckland

The longest flight in the world is Emirates' Dubai-to-Auckland route, which takes 17 hours and 45 minutes. In terms of distance, it's also one of the top five longest flights in existence. That's because it covers 9,032 miles (14,500 km) from Dubai International Airport to Auckland International Airport--and back again.

The Boeing 777-200LR aircraft used for this route can carry up to 253 passengers on board: 100 business class passengers and 143 economy class passengers or 266 with an all-economy configuration (though that would be pretty uncomfortable).

Los Angeles to Doha

The longest flight in the world is a Qatari Airways flight from Los Angeles to Doha, which takes 16 hours to complete. The 9,149-mile journey covers the distance between two continents and requires two stops along the way: one in Europe and another in Asia.

In October 2016, Qatar announced plans for an even longer route between New York City and Auckland with stopovers at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Singapore Changi Airport; however, this route has yet to begin service as of July 2019.

Johannesburg to Atlanta

Johannesburg to Atlanta is a long flight! The distance between these cities is 8,263 miles. That's like going from New York City to Los Angeles and back again--twice! The flight duration is 15 hours and 35 minutes, which means you'll be in the air for almost two days straight if you're flying economy class on South African Airways (SAA). However, if you have money to burn and want something even more luxurious than first class on SAA, their business class seats are outfitted with footrests that recline into beds complete with duvets and pillows.

The frequency of this route varies depending on when you want to travel; there are options ranging from daily flights during peak season all the way down through weekly trips off-peak times year-round. If cost isn't an issue for your travels then consider taking advantage of one of those rare occasions when there's only one or two weekly flights available so everyone else has already booked them up! The best time zone difference between Johannesburg and Atlanta is six hours--so if it feels late at night where you live now then just wait until tomorrow morning when we get closer!

Dallas-Fort-Worth to Hong Kong

The longest flight in the world is on Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong-based airline. The flight goes from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to Hong Kong International Airport and takes about 15 hours and 50 minutes. That's about 8,500 miles (13,600 km) with stops in Vancouver and Los Angeles along the way.

The second longest flight is Delta Airlines' service from Atlanta to Johannesburg, South Africa; it takes just over 14 hours to complete this journey of 7,930 miles (12,760 km). You'll also find an American Airlines route from San Francisco to Sydney that clocks in at 13 hours flat!

Honolulu to Sydney

The longest flight in the world is a long way from home. The route is Honolulu to Sydney, Australia, and it takes 14 hours and 35 minutes to complete. The aircraft type for this flight is a Boeing 777-200LR, which has four engines and can carry up to 335 passengers at a time. It's also known as 'The Whale' due to its large size (it's over two football fields long). If you're traveling on this flight then you'll need plenty of snacks - there are no meal services during these flights since they're so long!

New York City - Riyadh

The flight between New York City and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is the longest in the world. The distance is 9,890 miles (16,5 hours), which means you'll be spending more time on a plane than in some cities! This route is operated by Saudia Airlines and takes off from New York JFK International Airport every day of the week except Saturday or Sunday.

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