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Air Malta

Air Malta is the airline of the Republic of Malta, which is an island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. This island is at the center of the routes from Europe and Africa to Asia. Air Malta was incorporated in 1973. According to the decision of the Maltese Parliament, it has been operating flights since April 1974. The main advantage for tourists is the fact that it performs non-stop transportation.

Route network

Today Air Malta flights are offered to 45 destinations. Flights connect the island nation with the largest cities in Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa. The airline flies to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece. Germany, England and Italy has the largest number of airports that receive its aircraft. Ireland, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Norway and many other countries also use the services of this airline.

Aircraft fleet

The company's aircraft fleet includes Airbuses A320/200 and A319, as well as Boeing 737.

Its base airport is called "Malta International Airport".

Flight conditions, baggage rules and other information

For passengers, the airline offers different classes of service. These include business class (Club Class) and economy. Both options for passenger seats are equipped with leather seats. Catering services and entertainment are provided on board. 

"Business class" passengers - a separate check-in desk and its accelerated passage, the use of "business lounges", a special menu and open bar services.

On the planes of this airline, baggage weighing 20-30 kg is allowed, plus 8 kg is allowed to be carried in the cabin as hand luggage. The set parameters must correspond to the dimensions of 18x45x50 cm. If children under the age of two years old who do not have a separate seat fly with their parents, then additional baggage weighing 10 kilograms can be carried. Airline tickets can be purchased on the europefly.com website.

Air Malta Bonus Program

Air Malta offers bonus programs to its customers. For passengers who fly frequently, the Flypass offer has been developed. It makes it possible to accumulate "KMiles", which can be exchanged for free flights in any of the existing directions of the route network. Air Malta has partnerships and operates flights jointly with Lufthansa.

Lufthansa offers routes to 78 countries to 183 destinations. It is the national carrier of Germany, the largest airline in Europe and the fifth in the world in terms of the number of passengers. According to the bonus program, it is already possible to earn kilometers or miles by traveling along its routes. The flights of both companies are distinguished by safety and punctuality.