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Edinburgh Airport (EDI) - how to get to the center of Edinburgh and other places in Scotland

Edinburgh Airport (EDI) - how to get to the center of Edinburgh and other places in Scotland

Edinburgh Airport is less than 15 km from the city centre. It serves traditional and cheap airlines. 

The most important data of Edinburgh Airport:

  • Full name in English: Edinburgh Airport
  • IATA code - EDI
  • Address: Ingliston, Edinburgh EH12 9DN, United Kingdom
  • Has 1 terminal
  • Open 24 hours

Edinburgh Airport has connections to the city centre. When planning a trip on the airport-center route, you can choose between airport buses, trams and taxis.

Buses to the airport

Airport buses are operated by municipal carrier Lothian Buses. The same ticket prices apply to all airlines serving the airport.

Ticket prices

  • one way - 4.50
  • round trip – 7.50
  • day ticket for the entire network - 9.00

Ticket prices for children:

  • one way - 2.00
  • round trip - 3.00
  • day ticket for the entire network - 4.50

Another way from Edinburgh Airport to the city center is by comfortable trams (TRAM), which run on the route Edinburgh Airport - Edinburgh York Place, which runs every 7-10 minutes.

From the Gyle Center stop to the airport, trains run from 05:02, from York Place from 05:30, the last tram from York Place leaves around 23:30. From the airport, the first train leaves at 6:18, the last - at 23:30.

The price of one ticket for a tram ride is 5.50, if a round trip is planned 8.50. If you need night transport from Edinburgh to the airport (or vice versa) and want to save money, you can use the night line - N22. This line runs from Edinburgh Airport to Ocean Terminal every 30 minutes. It takes about an hour to drive. The price of one ticket is 3.00.

From the airport towards Ocean Terminal, buses leave between 00:43 and 03:43 (there is another route at 04:13, but it does not take the full route - only to the Elm Row stop). From the Ocean Terminal in the direction of the airport, cars depart between: 23:55 and 03:55.

The best way to get between Edinburgh Airport (EDI) and Glasgow city center is to use the Megabus website, where you can find and buy tickets for the CityLink bus number 900, buses run around 55-90 minutes. There are even over 20 courses throughout the day. The price of a normal ticket is 11.00.
The bus runs on the route Edinburgh Airport - Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station.

How to travel from Edinburgh Airport to Glasgow GLA Airport

Unfortunately, there is no good public transport that does not require re-routing between Edinburgh Airport (EDI) and Glasgow GLA. The best way is to get to the center of Glasgow and then change to another mode of transport: airport bus, city bus or train.

How can I get from Edinburgh Airport to Stirling?

Traveling to Stirling from Edinburgh Airport must begin with a direction to the center of Edinburgh. If you choose a bus, then you need to buy tickets on the MegaBus website, which sells tickets for traveling on CityLink buses. The fee is from 2.00 (tickets are bought in advance on the MegaBus website), but the purchase on CityLink will cost 8.40.

Travel time is about 70-90 minutes. The bus starts at Edinburgh Coach Station (towards Dunblane, Kippendawy Road (passes through Stirling) or straight to Stirling Coach Station) and also stops at Edinburgh's Princess Street, Edinburgh Shandwick Place and Edinburgh Haymarket Stn.

In order to find out more data, you should visit the official websites of airports. This will save time and avoid problems.

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