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Some facts about commercial airlines

Some facts about commercial airlines

In recent years, people have become much more afraid of flying than ever before. However, we often tend to exaggerate the risks and give ourselves more fear than is really reasonable, allowing our imagination to run wild. The truth is that, overall, commercial air travel is still pretty safe, and many of the worst fears are completely blown out of proportion.

Here are some interesting facts about aviation and airlines:

Bankrupt Japanese airline tried to prevent flight attendant uniforms from being sold to sex clubs

In the United States, most people don't really spend that much time thinking about their flight attendants, but in Japan, it's a complete fetish. When one of Japan's biggest airlines went bankrupt, one of the unique challenges they faced was keeping as much of their official flight attendant uniform as possible from being sold to sex clubs and other fetish lovers who really wanted to get their hands on the real thing. 

The market for black market stewardess uniforms is booming and they can sell for thousands - the price goes up significantly if they are accompanied by a photo of the person who originally used the uniform. Some sex clubs in Japan that specialize in the flight attendant experience have even made the inside of their clubs look like the inside of an airplane to really cheer up their customers.

Turbulence has increased markedly in recent years

Many people are under the impression that turbulence has increased recently due to climate change, and unfortunately it looks like they are right. More recently, a report concluded that climate change could seriously affect the amount of turbulence we experience and that it could greatly affect aircraft routes, as well as the amount of fuel needed to reach a destination and the amount it will take time. However, while most of the report has more to do with the aviation industry's bottom line, those who fly planes are more concerned about how dangerous it can make things for them in the skies.

And the truth is that turbulence is still not very dangerous. Turbulence isn't going to blow your plane out of the sky, and it won't kill you or seriously injure you under normal conditions. There have been a few high-profile cases recently where injuries have occurred due to severe turbulence, but this has been due to people not wearing seat belts and essentially colliding heads or other body parts when planes hit a particularly rough patch of air. . This may be a bigger problem than ever before, but turbulence hurting you is still insanely unlikely.

Your taste buds are actually running at a much reduced power when you're flying

Airline food has a reputation for being either bland or weird, and many people will swear that the food and drink just tastes different when you fly. There is a lot of truth in this, and the reason is that although we are in the unique position of exploding in the sky in a pressurized metal pipe at 35,000 feet, our bodies are nothing like the natural environment. The inside of a commercial aircraft is insanely dry compared to the ground - even drier than the desert in terms of humidity. In addition, there is very high pressure in the cabin, which also interferes with our perception of taste.

This means that our ability to taste sweet and salty foods drops by about 30%. This means that if you thought airline food was bland, it's probably because you couldn't fully absorb all the saltiness of the dish. This is a unique challenge for those who make aviation products because they want to balance the desire to make something that people perceive as delicious at 35,000 feet without adding unhealthy amounts of salt or sugar to offset the decline in taste buds.

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