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Airplane or car? What is the best way to get to the resort

Planning a trip to a resort is a lot of fun. It's like New Year's Eve. People choose seas and countries, call travel agencies and listen to the advice of friends. Modern logistics provides huge opportunities for travel. Today you are at the North Pole, and the next day you are sunbathing on a hot beach. 

But not all tourists travel by plane, some like the romance of a car. Yes, they do not argue about tastes, but let's try to compare the two modes of transport.

1. Security

Aerophobes cannot be convinced of their fear of flying. But statistics say otherwise, considering that the safety of an airplane is comparable to riding an escalator. There are many ways to conquer fear, and the main one is practice. Fly more often and you won't notice how your phobias will evaporate.

The safety of the car is not in question. People move on the roads every day without worrying about health or life.

If the aircraft is found to have problems at the airport, then you do not have to deal with repairs and worry about the trip. The airline will provide another aircraft and the holiday will continue with a slight delay. Car breakdown on the highway threatens problems. Repairs will fall on the shoulders of tourists, and this can put an end to the journey.

In matters of safety, the aircraft has a slight advantage.

2. Speed
If you are preparing to visit hot countries or travel around the world, then you should forget about the car. The aircraft has a significant advantage in terms of speed and availability of routes. It is convenient to travel by car over short distances. To the nearest lake or several hundred kilometers. The aircraft becomes the winner of this category.

3. Comfort

Hard choice. Yes, in the cabin there are often inconveniences. Cramped chairs make your legs numb, the tiny toilets are constantly busy, and the food isn't varied. Buying a business class ticket will allow you to travel with greater comfort, but it will cost more.

The interior of the car is not much larger, and the lack of a bathroom and the low speed of movement risk making travel a problem. In this category, the victory goes to air transport.

The competition addresses several aspects that are important in travel. The main thing to remember is that the choice is yours. Feel free to get ready for the road, let the trip be safe and comfortable. Have a good trip.

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