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Japan Airlines

General information about the airline

JAL Japan Airlines was founded in 1951 and today is the main carrier in Asia. Departures from the Narita base airport, located near Tokyo, are carried out both to international and local destinations. On April 1, 2007, the company became a member of the Oneworld aviation alliance.

On board the aircraft of this carrier, passengers are provided with the following choice of classes of service: first, business, premium economy and economy. Throughout the flight, light snacks and drinks are offered to everyone, the bar has a selection of drinks. Each seat of the JAL Sky Shell Seat system is provided with an individual video screen, where you can choose video, music, games or a movie on one of 130 channels as you wish. In addition, each seat has a power outlet, and a pull-out table allows you to place a personal laptop on it.

Also, for a pleasant pastime of customers, there is a wide selection of periodicals, if necessary, you can use stationery, postcards, albums, hygiene kits, blankets, pillows, etc.

Route network of the airline

You can buy Japan Airlines tickets for destinations that include flights to five continents. 156 airports in 33 countries support the company's international flights, including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE, Russia, etc. Only in Japan there are 60 airports that accept Japan Airlines aircraft.

Airline fleet

To date, the company has 271 modern aircraft at its disposal. The majority of the fleet is represented by Boeing long-haul passenger airliners. There are also vessels for nearby transportation of the brand: Airbus, McDonnell Douglas, McDonnell Douglas, Download, Britten-Norman, etc.

The line of cargo ships is represented by Boeing brand heavy trucks. Aircraft of various classes and capacity allow flights of various duration and complexity.

Airline Baggage Conditions and Rules

Baggage rules comply with the "piece concept" system. At the same time, the allowable baggage weight for one Japan Airlines ticket for an adult or a child over 2 years old must not exceed: 96 kg for first and business classes and 46 kg for economy class.

Airline security

Japan Airlines in 2008 passed an international safety audit, confirmed by the IATA certificate. The safety policy provides for the regular renewal and repair of all equipment, and as of January 2021, the average age of the aircraft fleet was 11 years.

Airline punctuality

With the typical Asian composure and pedantry, the registration and departure of flights takes place without delays and delays. Therefore, the hallmark of the company, by right, can be called - punctuality.

Buying airline tickets

Airline tickets can be purchased directly on the website or by calling the Service Center or on europefly.

Airline bonus programs

The airline's management is aimed at simplifying the ticketing system and increasing demand for its services. In this regard, in recent years, the company's policy provides for the development of a bonus program. For example, a profitable loyalty program "JAL Mileage Bank" is provided for regular customers.