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Holidays on the island of Zakynthos

Holidays on the island of Zakynthos

On the Greek island of Zakynthos there are mountain monasteries, villages and fertile valleys. Thanks to them, a wonderful atmosphere for relaxation and relaxation is created. This island is covered with the greenery of forests. It is bordered by the bright white radiance of the rocks located on the shore. Amazing caves and grottoes where you can swim in small boats, beautiful coves, the purest sand, clear blue sea water and large sea turtles caretta-caretta - all this is on this island. In the very north of Zakynthos there are amazing Blue Caves.

They were knocked out of the rocks by the waves. In these grottoes, any object lowered into the water acquires a bright blue color. The color of the water in the caves can vary from bright blue to sky blue and from emerald to light green. The unique white bay of Navagio has become the hallmark of this Greek island.

On the island of Zakynthos, classic taverns located in Vasilikos and Bohali are very popular. In addition, you can taste delicious fresh fish for lunch in Porto Roma or Keri. In the mountain village, tourists will be offered homemade cuisine and treated to local wine.

Lovers of Greek cuisine will be offered moussaka, stifado or pastizo. Tourists can also try British, Chinese or Italian cuisine. Zakynthos Island has all the conditions for entertainment and recreation. There are many discos and bars that are open until sunrise. If you like beach holidays, then you will appreciate the beautiful white beaches.

Zakynthos is ideal for windsurfing, and the island's hotels are ready to offer vacationers all the necessary equipment for practicing this sport. In addition, there are many great opportunities to relax with children and a wide range of entertainment, from diving to jet skis and parachuting over the bay.

On the island of Zakynthos, you can buy local jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, handmade soap, souvenir resin and olive oil. Zakynthos Airport is located four kilometers from the capital of the island with the same name. There is a daily air service between Zakynthos and the Greek capital. Before the trip, you should find out if there is a direct flight from your city to Zakynthos, otherwise you will be forced to change in Athens. In addition, Zakynthos Island can be reached by ferry from the Greek port of Killena.

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