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Rules of propriety in Sri Lanka

Rules of propriety in Sri Lanka

Like in any other country, Sri Lanka has its own norms of behavior and traditions. Let's pay attention to the most basic rules of decency for vacationers in this exotic corner of the world. Everywhere it is worth remembering the religion and beliefs of the population, it must be noted that you can only be in the temple facing the statue of Buddha, it is unacceptable to be photographed against the background of the statue, thus showing disrespect. 

When entering the temple, women must cover their shoulders with a scarf, and men wear shorts below the knees. Be sure to remove shoes and all leather goods. A separate topic is sacred animals, cows should not be offended in any case.

Although they are unlikely to cause a lot of trouble, but the monkeys are found just at every turn and do not differ in good manners. Keep your food and belongings tight to avoid unpleasant surprises, these mischievous robbers are also untouchable, so if you are already robbed by a monkey, you will have to put up with it. Young people who are careless about drugs should remember that in this country the distribution of drugs and possession is punishable by death, it is not worth risking your life for a moment of pleasure.

Please note that gourmets also need to be careful, national food is incredibly spicy, consult a guide before eating.

Never take food with your left hand. In this country, it is acceptable to eat using only your right hand, you can hold a glass in your left. Tips are not given when leaving the cafe, as they are already prudently included in the price of the order. This is not practiced in hotels and taxis, so do not forget to tip, about $10 per person. 

Diving enthusiasts should remember that collecting corals is prohibited, this rule does not apply only to dead pieces that the benevolent ocean throws ashore. You can collect such gifts of nature freely. Please also note that after sunset, breaking the silence is not welcome, forget about fireworks, loud drinking songs and boisterous laughter.

You should also not kiss in public places and show other intimate feelings for your soulmate. It is also extremely indecent to raise your voice in public. In public places, women should cover their legs above the knees, and men should not parade in swimming trunks. In general, the rules are not so difficult and numerous and easy to remember, which will contribute to a pleasant stay.