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The largest airports in the world - five giants

Modern flights are a convenient and fast way to get anywhere in the world. Journeys that used to take months are now covered by airliners in a matter of hours.
The main slogan of today's airlines is based on three principles - speed, safety and comfort. Many people from all over the world choose air travel as a way to travel. A significant flow of customers is forcing airlines to improve and expand existing hubs (hub airports), and build new ones in a short time.

Some modern airports on the planet have an area larger than entire specific cities. The presence of an excellent material base, advanced design, and a variety of available services make airports real centers of life that function separately, being inside real cities.

Below is a rating of the largest airports on the planet - majestic titans that amaze the imagination. These miracles, created by human hands, must be seen by everyone!

5th place - Dubai International Airport. UAE

The modern Emirates is a symbol of the premium oriental dream. The same applies to the country's main airport in Dubai. It took fifty years to create an elite complex occupying an immense area from an inconspicuous air center. Especially for any visitor, the airport has several hotels, an incredible number of shops, boutiques, premium restaurants, bars and cafes, a huge body care center, several swimming pools, a business center and a wide variety of different services and services. This allows the airport to keep pace with the times and satisfy any desires and whims of its customers.

The protection of the complex is carried out at the highest level and using advanced technologies. For example, according to the safety regulations, a retinal scan is a necessary step in passing the test for each client.

4th place - Capital International Airport. China

The largest airport in China and Asia occupies the fourth world position in terms of scale, the second in terms of workload. The Chinese airport has undergone several global rebuilds and improvements. The result was an increase in the level of the material base and the regulation of the pricing policy of stores in favor of customers. This played a role and allowed the Shoudu airport to serve 80 million passengers a year and become the dominant air travel structure in the Asian market.

3rd place - Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. USA

The complex is located in Atlanta and has the largest passenger traffic in the country. A little less than 100 million customers use the airport's services annually, which is already more than in the main airports of European countries. For example, in London Heathrow the flow of passengers is estimated at 70 million, and in Paris Charles de Gaulle at 60.

The Atlanta airport is not in demand outside of the states, as the company's business strategy is aimed at domestic flights. Nevertheless, a record quarter of a million passengers per day, award the complex with the title of the busiest airport on the planet, despite the relatively modest area of ​​2000 hectares.

2nd place - Denver Airport. USA

The airport originates its history in 1995 in Denver. The complex is still the largest in the states (140 km2).Denver Airport is a place around which countless mysteries and mysteries are built. Conspiracy theorists have come up with long lists of evidence and arguments to support the secret that the complex's employees are allegedly hiding.For example, the upper part of the terminal is designed in the form of tents, as a symbol of the mountain range in the Cordillera system. There are a number of interpretations of this architectural solution, one of which is "Indian". Allegedly, Indian leaders forced the city government to amend the architectural design of the future complex and create a roof in the form of wigwams. This is because an old Indian cemetery was once located at the construction site. Another conspiracy theory is very popular - protection from thermal imagers. 

The "tents" are made of a material that prevents any scanning of the interior. In turn, this will allow you to covertly place many people in the walls of the structure.Some locals also believe that there is a network of tunnels and armored shelters underneath the structure. This idea is reinforced by the fact that during the construction of the airport, a large part of the soil was excavated and removed - one third of the mass that was excavated during the construction of the canal in the Gulf of Panama.

The fuel for the construction of new theories was the scandalous wall maps that catch the eye of visitors to the main terminal of the Denver airport. The artists depicted dead people, dead animals, children with weapons, a military man in a gas mask and destroyed houses.

These images amaze the minds of visitors to this day.Special attention of adherents of various theories deserved the monument of the blue horse. Because of the specific appearance, the building was immediately nicknamed the "fatal horse". The sudden death of the sculptor while working on the creation of the "blue mustang" only strengthened the confidence of some individuals about the supernatural nature of the sculpture.

1st place - King Fahd Airport. Saudi Arabia

To understand the scale of the Arabian airport, you need to imagine the capital of Latvia, and then connect another one of the same. The result of this equation will be the largest Arabian air travel complex. The airport ranks first in the world in terms of scale. The approximate area is 780 square kilometers!

The airport has six-level terminals. One of them serves exclusively members of the family of the ruler of the country. The main runways stretched for as much as two kilometers. The airport has a mosque with a capacity of up to two thousand people. At the same time, extensive parking spaces are designed for four thousand cars.

This allows the airport in Dammam to serve a huge number of customers. It is interesting that the Arabian airport does not operate at all its capacities, as it has an inconvenient location. However, the situation is changing and over the past decade, the flow of customers has quadrupled.

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