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5 ways to survive a plane crash

Many people fly by air and often rely on pilots alone. They are convinced that everything will be fine with them and they will be able to avoid a plane crash. Of course, a plane crash is not such a frequent occurrence, but it can still happen. There have been quite a few such precedents throughout the history of mankind.

Therefore, if you fly often, then it will not be out of place for you to learn about ways that will help you survive.

But what are these ways? We will tell you 5 ways that will help you survive in a plane crash.

1) Safe places

On the plane, try to choose safe seats for yourself to increase your chances of survival. Of course, it is impossible to completely predict the crash sites, but in the event of a disaster, you can get off with much fewer victims. Choose seats near the emergency exit so that you can quickly get out in case of an emergency.

2) Safety belt

It may seem like simple and unimportant advice that you need to fasten your seat belt on an airplane. But at the same time it needs to be done. So you can avoid much less damage than if you were not wearing your seat belt. Therefore, do not ignore the seat belt.

3) Pose

If the plane starts shaking and there is an emergency, then you need to get into the right posture. She can reduce the damage or avoid it altogether. You need to press your head against the back of the seat and wrap your arms around it. This way, you will be able to land on the ground with the least damage and generally survive without damaging your vital organs.

4) Show initiative

There is no need to panic when things don't go according to plan. Try to be proactive and act quickly. So you can ask the situation faster than others, take a safety vest from the stewardess, other people will not interfere with you, and so on.

5) Forget your baggage and save your life

Even if there are valuables in your luggage, you need to save your life, but not your luggage. If you save it and just drag it with you, then you will not have time to get out as soon as possible, you will be in a crowd of people, it may be awkward, difficult for you, and so on. A few seconds can be decisive and should not be used for unimportant things.

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