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Capital of Croatia - Zagreb

Capital of Croatia - Zagreb

European in appearance but staunchly Croatian in spirit, Zagreb bears the marks and testimonies of the centuries that have passed under the rule of Vienna and Budapest. Visitors to the capital of this new member of the European Union will certainly be pleased with the wide choice of luxury apartments and chic bars and restaurants, as well as the opportunity to see many of Croatia's important cultural attractions.

Here is Mount Medvednica to the north of the city, located on a plain overlooking the Sava River. Picturesque Horni Grad (Upper Town) consisting of chaotically arranged cobbled streets and buildings built during the Middle Ages.

Donji Grad (Lower Town), unlike the Upper Town, is built according to a geometric grid plan, with several green squares framed by Austro-Hungarian buildings built after the 19th century. Visitors to Zagreb can smell coffee everywhere, the city is literally saturated with caffeine.

Indeed, Zagreb's coffee culture can easily rival that of Vienna. And these are not Starbucks places where people hide behind their laptops sitting in front of white tables. Coffee establishments in Zagreb are the pulse of the Croatian capital. People come here to chat, get a boost of energy from a cup of espresso, often even dressing specially for this. 

On Saturday mornings, you can watch the Zagreb ritual “Spica”, when stylishly dressed people stroll from one cafe to another along Peter Square and Preradović and Bogovićev streets. And on warm evenings, almost everyone (both tourists and locals) head to dozens of cafes that stretch out along the pedestrian Tkalchichev Street in the Upper City.

Walkers fill the terraces of numerous cafés crammed into any available space in front of low, pastel-coloured neoclassical buildings. All this is reminiscent of the historical centers of Prague and Budapest - but only with a fair share of the crowd. 

As more low-cost low-cost flights land in the Croatian capital, tourists and travelers are beginning to realize that Zagreb is a place of attraction in its own right, and that there is much more to this friendly and hospitable country than just its coastal resorts.

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