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Diaries of Brighton Beach - the most beautiful resort town in the UK

Diaries of Brighton Beach - the most beautiful resort town in the UK

Endless promenade full of entertainment, traditional fish and chips, plenty of vintage specialty shops - just an hour from London, and you are in the most colorful city in the United Kingdom.

An hour's drive from London is the seaside town of Brighton, which is like a rainbow island among prim Victorian towns.

In addition to museums, galleries and royal pavilions, there are pubs considered the best in the kingdom, a beautiful waterfront, picturesque local shops and a vibrant nightlife. Get rid of the prejudice that a tourist city is all about hustle and bustle. Just enjoy the atmosphere.

Although Brighton is a resort town, the beach there is not sandy and soft, but rocky, and the sea water is very cold even in summer.

At Christmas, a traditional bathing in icy sea water is held. English gentlemen jump into the water dressed as Santa Claus. But even if you refuse to swim in the sea in winter, you can enjoy the salty breeze and the calls of seagulls living in the city at any time of the year.

Picnic on the beach in English is simple and modest. Grab a loaf of bread, some British cheeses and sausages, and a warm blanket if you're visiting Brighton in the winter. Along the promenade, there are ice cream kiosks that are open all year round.

And don't forget Candy Rock. These traditional local sweets are hard as a rock but are incredibly tasty. There are no other sweets like this anywhere in the world.

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