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The best beaches in the world

The best beaches in the world

Who does not dream of spending a vacation on a sandy beach - really, what could be better than the sun, turquoise sea and velvety sand? You can choose the best place for vacation and recreation empirically. Among the tourists there are rumors about several corners of the planet, where the rest turns into a real pleasure.

For example, Trinidad, it is located in the northern part of the peninsula of the South American mainland and is famous for its fabulous beaches. The best resort area here is considered to be the Gulf of Maracas. The purity and transparency of the water delights all tourists; palm trees grow on the coast. If you get tired of constantly swimming and yelling, then you can go to the famous Fishing Rock, which is located very close, from there a beautiful view opens up, you can personally watch how the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.

Emerald waters, snow-white beaches, sunsets of amazing beauty - all this is the Maldives. The archipelago is constantly at the top of the list of romantic places on the planet. If fate smiled at you and you ended up in this fabulous place, then you should visit the atolls of North Male and South. For divers and just fans of scuba diving, Ari Island, famous for its underwater beauties, will be of interest. 

You can learn everything, so there are scuba diving courses, the cost of such a lesson will be about 25 euros, but then you can admire the coral reefs, bizarre fish and underwater seascapes. Despite the fact that on land the animal and plant world is quite rich and diverse, it cannot be compared with the flora and fauna of the underwater world.

On the eastern Mexican Yucatan Peninsula is the famous Riviera Maya, which is a hundred kilometers of amazing beaches located on the Caribbean coast. There is also an amazing sight and historical monument - Tulum, the Mayan city. The whole atmosphere is complemented by chic high-class hotels, as well as various entertainment venues.

For lovers of extreme sports, Maho Beach, located on the island of Saint Martin, is suitable. In addition to cocktails and clear water, it also attracts tourists with its extreme sports. Near this beach is Princess Juliana Airport, landing planes fly very low over vacationers (the distance is only tens of meters). It is not for nothing that “plain spotters”, extreme sportsmen and other thrill-seekers come here. Restaurants and cafes even post the schedule of arriving aircraft.

What is the most dangerous beach in the world? Undoubtedly, this is Queensland in Australia. Surfers will find dangerous currents, giant waves and even constant shark attacks here. In addition, tourists along the northern coast are at risk of being attacked by box jellyfish every code. The potent poison of these animals can be fatal, so it is recommended to refrain from swimming from October to April.

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