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What to take with you in hand luggage for those who fly on vacation by plane

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable and interesting leisure activities. Obviously, everyone wants to spend it, if possible, with a minimum expenditure of time, physical and mental strength. Therefore, the vast majority of travelers prefer to get to their destination by plane. It is comfortable and relatively economical.

However, this type of movement has a significant drawback. The fact is that now many airlines have introduced restrictions not only on the weight of the declared baggage, but also on the dimensions and weight of hand luggage. In addition, at some rates, baggage is quite expensive and dubious pleasure - loss, damage, long waiting for delivery do not add to the good mood of vacationers.

It turns out that protecting yourself from such troubles and increasing the positive from your vacation is quite simple!

Experienced travelers have proved by their own example that you can fly on vacation only with hand luggage, even with very strict restrictions on its weight and volume. The advantages are obvious - travelers save money on paying for luggage and time waiting for it to be received.

Now let's figure out what should be in the hand luggage of a vacationer so that nothing can overshadow his vacation.

A nice bonus is that in the rules of many airlines, the transportation of photo and video equipment, as well as laptops and tablets, is not an additional piece of hand luggage. Also, every traveler has the right to bring a jacket or vest even to the hottest country in the world. And they have pockets... In addition, the jacket can be removed on the plane, folded and safely forgotten about it until the end of the vacation.

So, what remains to be placed in hand luggage?

Clothing and underwear. You can limit yourself to three or four sets. Almost all hotels, and even in the private sector, have laundry services or the possibility of self-washing.

Shoes. One pair for yourself, one for the beach, one for the disco. If there is no desire to visit it, an interesting book will be a good substitute.
Swimming accessories. Goggles and safety slippers won't take up much space, and you can always rent fins and a snorkel.

Toiletries and towels. As a rule, they are always freely available in hotels.

Cosmetic bag and first aid kit. Favorite creams, a toothbrush, a razor and the necessary medicines, of course, should always be at hand. But even they will fit into a backpack compactly.

It will be extremely important to pay attention to two categories: piercing and cutting objects and liquids with a volume of more than 100 ml. Most likely, even a penknife will not be allowed on board the aircraft, and the most expensive perfumes will have to be left at the inspection post if they are placed in a large bottle. Exceptions are goods purchased in Duty Free.

As it turned out, you can take quite a few things with you into the cabin of the aircraft. They will not burden rest, freedom of movement and save you from wasting time and money.

The most important! Before departure, you must check the availability of documents, tickets, vouchers and money. Let's hit the road!