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How to sleep on an airplane

A flight is coming. The time spent on the plane can be used for sleep. What needs to be done to make the rest complete?

Things to do on a flight

Flight flight is different. If you fly for 40 minutes, then there is not much free time: we fastened our seat belts, took off, admired the beauties of the cities and villages flashing below, had a snack, belts again and landing. But if the journey is long, and the flight is transcontinental, you need to find something to do. For example, to read a book that you have been planning to pick up for a long time, but did not find enough time for this. Watch a movie downloaded to the tablet (movies broadcast on board may not always match your taste). And you can sleep.

Sleep on the way

By flying, you can gain strength, relax after a busy day on the road or prepare for the first active day on the spot. The ability to instantly fall asleep anywhere and in any position can be learned from the Japanese. As a rule, the plane is still leaving the runway, and they are already bowing their heads and dozing respectfully.

Try to be as comfortable as possible in your chair. At the same time, take care of other passengers. Do not recline the seat back too far, it is unlikely that those sitting behind you will like it. The same applies to the head bowed on the shoulder of the fellow traveler. He won't appreciate your snoring.

Sit by the window

If you want no one to disturb you and you are not a hindrance, then purchase a ticket for a seat by the window. You can lean your head against the porthole and doze without disturbing anyone. No one will bother you trying to get to the aisle. As a rule, the cost of such a boarding pass is slightly higher than for other places. But it's worth it.

If you are unlucky and you are sitting in the middle or at the aisle, then tilt the table and put your head on it. So you can sleep without fear of falling on your neighbors.

Select night flights

If you want to relax during the flight, fly at night. Most people in the cabin will be asleep. No one will walk around the plane, ask questions, kick in the back.
The same applies to early morning flights. To catch it, you need to get up at night and arrive at the airport. On landing, all passengers are already tired and will fall asleep with pleasure as soon as they take their seats.

Fly in the middle of the week

Statistics show that the least loaded flights are on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Thanks to this, we are more likely to fly in the absence of neighbors. In this case, you can comfortably sit in a chair, fully reclining the back.

Avoid carbonated drinks and coffee

Coffee and other energy drinks will keep you awake. And carbonated drinks have an effect on the kidneys, have a diuretic effect. The constant running around to the toilet during the flight exhausts not only you, but also those around you. If you are not sitting near the aisle, you will have to ask the neighbors to let you through.

Wear comfortable clothes for the journey

It is much more comfortable to sleep when the clothes do not restrict movement, the belt does not squeeze the stomach, and the shoes allow the legs to rest.
Don't forget to carry a sweater in your hand luggage. Even if the weather is warm, it can be chilly on the plane. By the way, not all airlines offer passengers warm and cozy blankets. If you are covered with a sweater, then place the fastened belt over it. So the stewardess will see that everything is in order and will not wake you up again.

Put your phone on airplane mode

On the plane you can not use the Internet or call relatives. This disrupts the operation of thin on-board instruments. So sleep music and stuff needs to be downloaded in advance. In order not to annoy the neighbors with the glow of the screen, turn down the brightness. Don't forget to take your headphones with you. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy either the film or the music.

Take an inflatable pillow

There are lots of sizes and shapes.

You can only choose by experience. It is important that such a pillow supports the neck and head. A blindfold helps many people fall asleep.

Try it, maybe you will like it?