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Aviophobia how to overcome the fear of flying

Aviophobia how to overcome the fear of flying

Aerophobia, that is, the fear of flying, is a serious problem for many businessmen. We advise you on how to overcome your fear of flying.

Test your knowledge of aircraft

The first step to overcome aviophobia is to increase your knowledge of the rules of operation of aircraft and the air procedures in force on board. In other words, in order to overcome the fear of flying, you first need to check all the facts and myths that are associated with it.

Don't Get Emotional About Plane Crashes

When you have already thoroughly studied the field of air transportation, you should learn to approach plane crashes more rationally. Traveling by any means of transportation exposes us to danger. Remember, however, that an airplane is a very smart machine, built by people for people. Ignore reports of plane crashes and do not watch this type of video, do not believe every detail of the event that is reported by the media. After all, the vast majority of planes land safely, but you are unlikely to hear about it on radio or television.

Watch the planes

If knowledge about aircraft safety does not satisfy your imagination, you can always study the behavior of aircraft on your own. To do this, it is enough to go to the airport, to the flying club and calmly observe the starts and landings of aircraft from the ground.

Relax during the flight

In the fight against aerophobia, experts recommend using relaxation techniques. Relaxing music, an interesting book or crossword puzzles will effectively reduce your fear on an airplane. Avoid coffee - caffeine stimulates the nerves. Above each seat is a fan, thanks to which you can breathe fresh air throughout the flight. In moments of weakness, take a few deep breaths with your stomach.

Aerophobia can be treated with pills

If the fear of flying turns into a panic that completely overcomes your mind, then you should consult a specialist. The psychologist will conduct a conversation with you, on the basis of which he will determine whether to prescribe therapy or prescribe medications.

Remember, however, that drug therapy is a last resort. First, try to overcome your fear of flying in the ways listed above.

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